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STD Series Right-Cylinder Double Bent Axle Forced Power Press Machine


High precision

High quality


Performance Feature

Octahedral guiding of slider and long guide fail can guarantee operation precision

Hydraulic overload protection device and overload automatic emergency cut off can protect safety of press machi with convenient

PLC electric interlocking control possesses sudden-stop, inch, single pass and continuous operation specifications

Dry pneumatic friction clutch is small in noise, large in clutching torque, small in braking angle and convenient in

Body is closed structure, including beams,, stand columns, and bases, which is strained with four tie bolts, with good rigidity(400-600). 

Technical parameters

S typeH typeS typeH typeS typeH typeS typeH typeS typeH typeS typeH type
Rated tonnage pointmm137137139139139139
Speed changings.p.m15-3030-6015-3030-6015-3025-5015-3025-5015-2525-4015-2525-40
Die heightmm6006506507006507007007501000105010001050
Slide adjustmentmm150200200250250250
Slide areamm2800x13003100x14003600x14003800x16004600x18005000x1800
Bolster areamm2800x14003100x15003600x15003800x16004600x18005000x1800
Slide openingmm850x600950x6501000x7001100x8001200x9001200x900
Die cushion capacityTon607080808080

STD Technical Parameter.PDF