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APL High-Speed Precision Automatic Punch Machine

High speed

High precision

High quality


Performance Feature

Apply to precision electronic component punch in large quantity.

Enhance life if punch and mold under power balance device.

Oil-ressure slider fixed locking and sticking release device can increase reliability.

Cylinder connecting rod driving device can enhance of punch’s operation and precision.

Technical parameters

A                  BCA                  BCABC
Rated tonnage point(B.D.Cmm1.21.21.6
Strokemm20                 304020                 3040203040
Stroke per minutes.p.m100-600100-500100-400100-500/100-400100-300100-400100-350100-300
Die heightmm225              220215265              260               255305300295
Bolster area(L.R.xF.B.)mm650x390x75760x450x90860x52x100
Slide area(L.R.xF.B.)mm280x250380x320460x370
Slide adjustmentmm303050
Main motorKw3.7x4P5.5x4P7.5x4P
Shank holemmΦ38.1Φ50Φ50
Hole of bed (L.R.Xf.B.)mm270x150400x200480X260
Lubrication system
Forced Recirculating Lubrication

APL Technical Parameter.PDF