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High Speed Gear Change Feeder Width:120.0mm~400.0mm Thickness:0.35mm~1.0mm

Apply CAM mechanism

Reliable and stable feeding

One year quality guarantee


High Speed Gear Change Feeder

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Gear Change Feeder


Most suitable for processing the products requiring high feeding accuracy at a high speed.

This is the feeder enjoying widest range of applications covering thin to thick materials, length from short to long and width from wide to narrow. 

Do not need of plate thickness adjustment. Feeding length can be altered by changing the gear.

Intermittent roll feed adopting the cam driving system. Feed length is altered by changing 2 to 4 pieces of gears.

The system is driven by lower roll. The upper roll is pressed by the spring. Manual change of the air valve is used to release the upper and lower rollers.

Index cams are lubricated in oil bath and gear system is lubricated automatically. Upper and lower rolls are hard chrome plated.

Slackening device is eccentricity cam, so slackening angle is within 0-180, and is adjustable. 

How To Select a Feeder?
Max. width of your strip in coil form
Max. stroke length of your feeding
Max. Min thickness of your strip
Max. Strokes per minute of press...


Strip Width max.120mm250mm400mm
Strip Thickness0.35-1.0mm
Material Line Height60-120mm
Cam Division4/12
Feeding Length0.15-199/5.0-0.66mm
Feeding Angle180
Release Angle135-195
Feeding DirectionLeft to Right

GCF Technical Parameter.PDF