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Pneumatic Feeder Air Feeder ( 8C~11C ) Width: 300.0mm~450.0mm Thickness:2.5mm~3.0mm

Rigid & Strong Structure

High Pitch Accuracy

Low Air Consumption & Inexpensive

Simple Installation


Air Feeder

We have developed the Air feeder Series by installing a special valve that increases the feeding speed. This Air Feeder Series is specially designed for the high production of small parts, especially when long feed strokes are needed.

Coil stock can be fed in any direction or angle at any time during the machine cycle. A single feed can push or pull through long or short progressions.

A variety of stock widths and thicknesses can be fed at different speeds and feed lengths. Two or more strips can be simultaneously fed by the same feed.

How To Select a Feeder?

Max. width of your strip in coil form
Max. stroke length of your feeding
Max. Min thickness of your strip
Max. Strokes per minute of press...


TypeStrip Width Max.Stroke max.Strip Thickness Max.Max. Stroke/min

Note: Floor type mounting bracket for AF-8C model above.